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Top 5 Best Locations For Hosting Outdoor Events

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Many activities in Singapore are held outside in tents that can accommodate a large number of people and serve a variety of purposes. The versatility and efficiency of these tents have enabled a variety of activities to be held outside of the traditional setting of a multi-purpose space, allowing for greater flexibility and imagination in the event locations.

In this article, we'll guide you through by exploring a few interesting and unusual places for your tent setups, as well as some considerations to bear in mind when making your decision.

1. Beside Swimming Pools

Pools, especially private pools, are ideal venues for poolside activities and pool parties. Setting up a tent on top of a pool helps you to easily turn it into the focal point of your case, and it's a perfect option for a number of occasions, whether casual or formal, large or small. There's also the option of glamorizing the flooring with a translucent center aisle, which will thrill guests as they enter the tent with a welcome surprise.

Events can be held near the pool too!
Events can be held near the pool too!

When erecting a tent over a tub, the depth of the pool is an important factor to remember. Since the tentage must be leveled with the ground, the pool must have a constant depth throughout. Pools with a depth of about 1.5 meters would also work well as a venue. The shape of the pool will also decide the type of tent you will have, depending on the location conditions; for example, a rounder pool will have both a rectangular and an octagon tent.

2. Open Rooftops

Many fancy parties, such as wine and cheese tastings, meetings, and outdoor weddings, are held on open rooftops. The benefit of putting a tent on an open rooftop is that you can take advantage of the abundant sunshine and breezes, giving your event a light and airy feel. Guests don't have to sacrifice comfort when taking in the breathtaking views because the tent can be chilled with air conditioning.

When erecting a tent on an open rooftop, keep in mind the point of access: you'll need enough room to pass logistics around. It's always safer to be safe than sorry, so calculate the dimensions of the elevators and staircases, factor in access and craning logistics costs if necessary, and plan ahead to avoid weight load issues.

3. Open Lawns

Many event organizers prefer open lawns because they provide enough space for one or more tents that can be used for a variety of events in Singapore, including sports, weddings, and lifestyle events. Having an event on an open lawn, one of the most versatile and customizable locations that allows for a variety of tents, would certainly encourage you to exercise your imagination.

When erecting a tent on an open lawn, there are some essential aspects to bear in mind. To begin, determine the quality of the ground by determining whether it is smooth, soft, uneven, or sloped. Following that, make certain that planking work is performed to protect the turf and have an even layer. Finally, cable detection is critical for locating underground piping and cables and avoiding damage. To avoid causing unnecessary harm to the venue's property or logistics, specific loading and unloading areas should be designated.

4. Within a Permanent Structure

Several activities are held in permanent structures or homes, and tentages are well-known to be used to add a touch of versatility and glamour. A multi-purpose hall, a commercial or private property, or even an empty warehouse are examples of spaces inside a building. Pop-up markets, festive parties, and weddings are all examples of activities where tent rentals are used.

A single storey tentage can reach a height of 14.9 meters at its highest point. As a result, the height constraint is the most important thing to keep in mind when erecting tents inside a permanent structure: make sure there is enough vertical room for hoisting and accommodating the tent. Additionally, for tents that are set up in permanent structures near other buildings, a minimum distance of three meters must be preserved for safety purposes.

5. Beaches or Sandy Areas

Most frequently, those chic and exquisite activities are made possible by the sun, sand, and sea. Tents have been rented for beach parties, beautiful weddings, sand sculpture activities, and even sporting events. Although the beach is a wonderful venue that can maximize the attractiveness of a variety of activities, there are a number of challenges that event planners should consider when choosing a beach location.

Events can also be held by the beaches.
Events can also be held by the beaches.

Preventing the tent from sinking into the sand is one of the most difficult tasks. Counterweights will be used to improve tent stability, steel plates or protrack will be used to provide a floor for vehicle access to move goods, and ground evenness will be created so that the tent facilities and structure are on a balanced and leveled ground.


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