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Tentage Accessories 1
Tentage Accessories 2
Tentage Accessories 3

Accessories for Tentage

It is crucial to have accessories accompanied along with the tentage that has been erected. With our fleet of vehicles in place, we are capable of transporting the key structures and accessories on-site within the time frame as previously arranged. Tables and chairs, Tentages, you name it, we'll have it!

Accessories include:

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Portable Cooler

- Portable Air-Conditioner

- Floor Board

- Tables & Chairs

- Electricity Generator

- Fluorescent Lamps / Spot Lights

- Portable Toilets

- Electrical Extensions 

- PA System
- Underlining for tentage
- Fairy/rope light
- Q-poles
- Toilets
- Barricades
- Landscape displays 
- Rostrum
- Stage
- Plaque stand


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