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Aeroplane Tentage


Characteristics of the Tentage

Aeroplane Tentage - sounds so absurd, isn't it? If examined closely, you'll realised that this tentage is actually a combination of a Dome Tentage, with 2 Single-Slope Tentages. The combination of such tentages are commonly seen in huge carnivals, big scale events such as the National Day, and the famous 'Getai', a famous local Singapore Culture that features ad-hoc local Singapore Singers to celebrate the Lunar 7th month, commonly known as the 'Ghost Festival'. Aeroplane tentage requires huge amount of time to setting up and tearing down, due to the tentage's complications and to ensure its structural integrity. 

Standalone Tentage
It can never be a Standalone Tentage as it is naturally a combination of 2 different types of tentages. However, such tentage is capable of withstanding high volume of human traffic within, which allows a smooth flow of operations that are critical to the success of the event timeline.

Tentage's Best Recommended Usage

- Corporate Events 

- Sports Events 

- Grand Opening Ceremony 

- Prize / Award Ceremony 

- Singing Events

- GeTai (Lunar 7th Month Celebration) 

- National Day Events

- Chingay

Recommended Installations of Equipment

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Portable Air-Conditioner

- Tables & Chairs

- Floor Boards

- Flourescent Lamps

- Electrical Extensions 

- Electricity Generator

- Portable Toilets

- Additional Waterproof Coverage for Wet Conditions

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