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Dome Tentage


Characteristics of the Tentage

One of the classic tentage that has been around over decades. This Dome Tentage is one the original tentage which is [a-kind of tentage] that's frequently found for most medium to large scale events. It’s Dome shape allows the tentage to look more elegant, while featuring high ceilings with fewer pillars when compared to other similar tentages.

Standalone Tentage

Never failed to be one of the most preferred tentage for large-scale events, Dome Tentages are aesthetically appealing as compared to its siblings (Single-Slope Tentage & A-Shaped Tentage). They, too, cater for a much higher ceiling which makes them suitable for most events where having a high roof is one of the requirements. A few of such events are as follows: Navy Open House, Army Open House, Air Force Open House, Marathons and Formula One Singapore. They can also be joined to form adjoining Dome Tentages or paired with Single-Slope Tentages to form an Aeroplane Tentage.

Tentage's Best Recommended Usage

- Corporate & Private Events (Open House)

- Property Show flats

- Sports Events (Main Assembly Point)

- Grand Opening Ceremony 

- Prize / Award Ceremony 

- Logistics Space 

- Weddings

Recommended Installations of Equipment

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Portable Air-Conditioner

- Tables & Chairs

- Coloured Lightings

- Flourescent Lamps

- Electrical Extensions 

- Electricity Generator

- Portable Toilets

- Floor Boards

- Additional Waterproof Coverage for Wet Conditions

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