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It may sound like a lot of fun to plan a big event that needs tents. But in order to execute an outdoor event properly, it's crucial to be aware of the safety precautions required while employing an event tent. If you're putting on your first public event or just need a refresher, here are a few outdoor tent safety guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Wind Conditions

One of the main issues with renting a tent for an outdoor event is wind. Strong winds may make any steel tent behave like a huge sail, regardless of its size. The stability of the tentage may fluctuate as a result of loose stakes, ratchet assemblies, or poles brought about by the wind.

The greatest option for safety when it comes to constructions is aluminum since it can endure winds up to 102 km/h. Additionally, it is strongly advised to do routine maintenance inspections to maintain the proper tension on the tentage's top and framework. The tentage's top ought to be smooth and wrinkle-free. Before the event, check the forecast for severe winds and make the required tentage changes.

2. BCA's Temporary Building License (TBL)

It is necessary to apply for a temporary construction permit before constructing an outdoor event tentage. Temporary structures are defined as any building or structure that is no more than two stories high and is made of short-lived materials, which includes tentages. To gain authorization to utilize a temporary structure, the owner must hire a competent structural or civil engineer to design, manage, and inspect its construction, as well as file an application. The application must be received by BCA three weeks before work begins.

3. Prevent Overcrowding

Outdoor activities are a proven method to gather a sizable audience for a party or to take in some entertainment. However, the likelihood of a safety hazard increases with group size. Tentage used for outdoor events have a weight and occupancy restriction. To guarantee that there is enough room for mobility around the tent, it is crucial to monitor and calculate this element. The event planner must coordinate with your provider to choose the appropriate tent size for a sizable crowd.

Plans for crowd management and evacuation must also be taken into account, and exits must be clearly marked for guests to see and follow. It's crucial to maintain the emergency exits accessible and free of furniture and other heavy or bulky items. These actions should be thoroughly reviewed in advance with the appropriate authorities, volunteers, and staff.

4. Condition of the ground

The ground cannot be too soft (such as sand or muddy ground) while employing an outdoor event tent since the framework can sink in. Spreading the surface energy by installing hardwood planking underneath is highly advised. Any vertical supports that are built on soft ground should include counterweights. The tent structure won't move as a result of heavy gusts or settle unevenly into granular ground this manner.

5. Protect Electrical Outlets

The majority of event tents need several electrical components, including fans, air conditioning, and lighting. Furthermore, having a superb single-line drawing created by a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) will support confirming the safety of electrical usage.

To avoid any major injury or violation of electrical safety, it is crucial to make sure that all suitable insulation is protected and that all electrical systems are in good functioning order and are not damaged.

In Summary

It is essential to provide the highest safety for any outdoor events when renting any outdoor tents, including octagon tents, dome-shaped tents, or hexagon tents, to mention a few. The event planners are in charge of making sure that their events run well without endangering the safety of their attendees.

For your future outdoor events, Nanyang Inc. is the top supplier you can always rely on for the most dependable and safe tents! Our SafeEvents Ambassador (SEA) trained staff can provide secure tents, upscale dining furniture, and thorough cooling systems. Additionally, we provide comprehensive temporary storage options in Singapore.


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