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Gazebo Tentage


Characteristics of the Tentage

Ease of installation & tearing down, Gazebo Tentage is one of the most popular choice for small scale events and minor gatherings. They usually serve as party tents & can be easily decorated. Otherwise, just a temporary shelter against the natural elements, Gazebo Tentage works just fine for any kind of outdoor events.

Standalone Tentage

Gazebo Tentage works perfectly well to compliment the main tentages such as Dome Tentage or Aeroplane Tentage, which are commonly used as a supporting unit for the event's operations. Besides, they are widely seen to be used as game booths in carnivals, that happened frequently in the Downtown, or some heartland areas of Singapore.

Tentage's Best Recommended Usage

- Corporate & Private Events 

- Game Booths, Carnivals

- Sports Events (Side Booths)

Recommended Installations of Equipment

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Tables & Chairs

- Coloured Lightings

- Flourescent Lamps

- Electrical Extensions 

- Portable Toilets

- Floor Boards

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