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Single-Slope Tentage


Characteristics of the Tentage

Let's put it easier in this way. Have you ever heard of 'Pasar-Malam' (Night Market)? It is a tradition in Singapore where occasionally, organisers of the night market will plan on random locations around the heartland areas of Singapore, to provide snacks and entertainment for Singaporeans living around the vicinity. Besides the Night Market, This Single-Slope Tentage is widely used by event organisers, where they are usually being set-up at checkpoints / stations, specially served as water stations (for sports events), or administrative purposes, facilitating the in-flow & out-flow of human traffic throughout the phase of an event. 

Standalone Tentage
It is widely used, in conjunction with other tentages such as: Dome Tentage, Aeroplane Tentage, Aircon Tentage, Gazebo Tentage, and many more. In certain circumstances, it will only be used as a Standalone Tentage, which serves as a temporary shelter, or a temporary logistics storage space, for companies that require additional yet economical logistics storage place for their products.

Tentage's Best Recommended Usage

- Corporate Events (Administrative Booth)

- Sports Events (Administrative Booth / Water Points)

- Grand Opening Ceremony (Administrative Booth)

- Prize / Award Ceremony (Administrative Booth)

- Logistics Space (Standalone Booth)

Recommended Installations of Equipment

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Portable Cooler

- Tables & Chairs

- Flourescent Lamps

- Electrical Extensions 

- Additional Waterproof Coverage for Wet Conditions

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