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Carnival, Tentage

As much as we appreciate the trust of our clients and prospects in NK Tentage Rentals, pricing for Tentage / Equipment Rentals are never fixed.


The price of Tentage Rental varies greatly on several factors before we can either confirm, or giving you a rough gauge for how much the price will be; for the type of Tentage you may require.


Below are some considerations for you to add onto your criteria of provisions for Tentage Rental, that will facilitate our representative to give you the quote to the best of our efficiency.

Provisions to consider before submission of Enquiries for Tentage / Equipment Rentals:

- Duration of Usage

- Number of Pax

- Type of Event

- Exact Location, Indoors / Outdoors

- Number of equipment that may require

- Estimated size of space (optional)

- Type of Religion (optional)

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