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A-Shaped Tentage


Characteristics of the Tentage

As the name implies, it's a tentage formed in a shape of the alphabet “A”. Combination of two single sloping tentages,  A-Shaped Tentage is one of the more popular and affordable option of tentages. Being fast to build and efficient in tearing down, that's what makes the price more friendly to our clients. It's commonly found in many small & medium scale events - (eg: Flea markets, Bazaars, Road Shows.) Alternatively, it can also be used for marine construction as both a shelter & storage space.

Standalone Tentage
Because of the Sharp downward shape of the tentage, A-shaped tentages are usually standalone tentages and have a limitation to the size, as such, if you are looking to hold a big event, it is more advisable to use an 'Aeroplane shaped' tentage. 'Aeroplane shaped' tentages are a combination of a classic dome shaped tentage and 2 single sloping tentages on each sides.

Tentage's Best Recommended Usage

- Corporate Events

- Carnival

- Grand Opening Ceremony

- Prize / Award Ceremony

- Guest-of-Honour 

Recommended Installations of Equipment

- Ceiling Fans

- Standing Fans

- Portable Cooler

- Portable Air-Conditioner

- Floor Board

- Tables & Chairs

- Electricity Generator

- Flourescent Lamps

- Portable Toilets

- Electrical Extensions 

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