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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

As an event organizer, you may be gearing up to prepare for the next outdoor performance or MICE event in Singapore, thanks to adhering to the most recent safety standards. Here's a simple guide to help

you balance your tentage alternatives as you maneuver your program around the COVID-19 safety requirements, whether it's your first time organizing an event or you just need an extra set of eyes.

1. How many people will be on my guest list?

The number of visitors is a crucial consideration when choosing a tent. Because the type of the tent is mostly determined by its capacity, you must know how many people will be attending your event ahead of time. It's vital to examine your predicted capacity before going for your ideal tent aesthetics, especially during these instances when safe distancing is crucial.

Knowing your guest count is vital in determining the placement of tables and chairs in the tent, in addition to providing you with an idea of possible tent models. Tent rental companies frequently include tables and chairs in their packages. Let them know how many tables and chairs you'd like, as well as your planned layout so that you can meet the required safe distancing requirements. Whether you have guests that require specific accommodations, such as a wheelchair ramp, check with your vendor to see if they can accommodate them.

2. Is my tent in line with the event's theme?

Your rental tent's size should correspond to the kind of focus of your event. If you're planning a small wedding or private celebration, a smaller tent that allows your guests to mingle is the best option. Consider a Mongolian marquee tent or hexagon structures, which are typically simple but elegant.

A larger 'A' or Dome frame tent without internal poles can be a better alternative if you're planning a large-scale concert, exhibition, or event with a guest speaker. These tents typically have a higher capacity while providing better access to the performance or major attractions for your audiences.

3. How do I envision the atmosphere of my event?

Consider the environment on the day of your event while picking your rental tent. Keep in mind that the temperature inside a tent can be higher than the outside temperature. As a result, if you've set your sights on an enclosed tent, don't forget to account for cooling systems like air conditioning or installed fans. In addition, the type of temporary tent structures used and the location of the cooling system may have an impact on the efficiency with which ideal temperature management may be achieved. As a result, it's essential to obtain guidance from your seller on this.

Apart from your temperature requirements, it's a good idea to tell your vendor about any electrical requirements for your engineered technology tent, such as any audio equipment or unique lighting. You don't want the performances or activities to be cut short due to a power outage or other technological concerns; instead, you want your guests to be able to fully immerse themselves in the event. Finally, why not consider landscaping to brighten up the surroundings? It's also a great method to get more fresh air – especially in a confined space like a tent!

4. Have I taken a tour around the grounds of my event location?

Another important consideration when selecting tent-related services is the location of your tent. Different tents are appropriate for various surfaces, such as concrete, grass, synthetic turf, and so on. Knowing where your event will be held can help you decide whether or not to incorporate flooring or a technique for attaching the tent to the ground.

In addition, the size and design of your tent should be appropriate for the event space and meet the needs of the venue owner. For example, if the property owner mandates that you leave a 3m perimeter around the permanent buildings or structures for safety reasons, keep this in mind while selecting a tent of the appropriate size and shape. To be certain, request a floorplan with all of the relevant places marked.

5. Is my provider reputable and experienced in the business?

A quality tent from a reputable tentage provider is essential as the structure that sets the tone for any outdoor event. Because planning an event can be costly, you'll want to make sure that everything about it – both the interior and exterior – is exactly how you want it.

Spend some time doing your homework on the tentage rental company before enlisting their services. Find out how many years of experience they have and what types of events and clients they have previously worked with. The venue owner may also provide you with limited set-up and tear-down times, so make sure your vendor is willing to work with these constraints.

It's also a good idea to use a service provider who has the SG SafeEvents certification to ensure that your event adheres to the safety regulations. This accreditation, which was introduced earlier this year, allows Singapore's MICE and events industry to handle events more safely. Choosing suppliers who have this certificate ensures that they adhere to strict hygiene standards and follow best practices for safe distancing before, during, and after events.


Use the guidelines above to help you establish the tone for any live performance, networking event, or community event to ensure a successful and safe event! In this pandemic, planning an event can be difficult, so let NK Brother's professional staff help you out with our adaptable tents, vast cooling systems, and other aesthetically pleasing event logistics.


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