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Advantages of Using Marquees as Storage Hub

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

When you hear the word "marquee," what comes to mind? Weddings held outdoors in a beautiful setting? Partying the night away with ecstatic celebration attendees? Perhaps also a lavish birthday party. It may come as a nice surprise, but marquee and tent rentals are useful for more than just that. If you've ever heard the word "storage marquee," or "industrial marquee," as it's also called, you're probably already aware of why and how it's rapidly becoming one of the most viable temporary space options for companies and industries.

Dome Tentage for Storage in Singapore
Dome Tentage for Storage

An industrial or storage marquee, for those that aren't familiar, is the name given to what is basically an industrial temporary structure; something that is quickly relocatable, demountable, and typically used for either short- or long-term interim storage on-site, warehousing, or a room for on-site operations. Here are some convincing reasons for why storage marquees should be your first preference if you're a company in Singapore, looking for the ideal temporary storage leasing solution!

1. Ideal for Flexible Storage Capacity

Continuous expansion and ongoing construction can become necessary to meet market demand when companies experience rapid growth in a short period of time. In the event that the normal storage space is unexpectedly inaccessible, the products may be temporarily moved and placed inside a storage marquee, which is a cost-effective and convenient choice. This one-of-a-kind storage solution may also be the answer for those looking to rapidly expand their short- or long-term storage capacity. In reality, industrial marquees can be useful for industries that are accustomed to seasonal spikes in demand or unexpected large orders every now and then.

2.Quick and Easy Set-up

The fast and simple installation method of storage marquees ensures minimal noise and disturbance to the environment, avoiding any potential workplace disruptions caused by construction noise. This is particularly important if the marquee will be erected on or near company land, as businesses will want to reduce any damage to employee productivity.

A storage marquee is not only quick and effective as a temporary storage solution, but it also takes very little time to dismantle, transport, and re-install at another site.

3. Can be Sited Nearly Anywhere

Storage for the time being Marquees and structures can be placed in almost any position imaginable, including on high or low land, indoors or out. This means you can put your marquee in an accessible area, an underutilized parking lot, or next to a building as an extension. There are few restrictions as long as the area is wide enough, so any rough surfaces can be protected by the floor decking. Also storage marquees erected inside existing outbuildings or on rooftops are subject to this rule. Granted, this is subject to variables such as weight load, crane accessibility, and tent size, all of which vary from case to case.

4. Protection from the Elements

An industrial marquee is usually a temporary structure made up of an aluminum marquee frame, soft or hard-sided walling, and a weather-resistant PVC roof. Rust does not corrode aluminum frames. In fact, because of its light weight and malleability, it can flex under impact and against loads, providing additional strength. Storage marquees provide sufficient security from both the weather and unexpected danger for the products and activities inside them, since they are designed to be sturdier than conventional steel tents.

Tentage set up for Covid19 operational measures
Tentage set up for Covid19 operational measures

5. Functional Features

Additional features such as automatic roller shutters and air conditioners are available for companies that need some degree of customization of the storage marquees. This allows the structure to provide vehicular access doors, which allow for easy entry and exit of forklifts and other delivery vehicles during the loading and unloading of stored goods, as well as providing additional protection once night falls. For chilled food items, cosmetics, and flowers that may need cold storage, air conditioners can be installed inside the storage marquee to maintain the optimal temperature of the atmosphere. Of course, this also works well for companies who want to stop overheating their costly machinery and equipment.

6. Flexibility to Respond to Market Trends

Temporary warehouse solutions like storage marquees take much less time than constructing a whole new structure, and the simplicity with which the structure can be resized according to the amount of storage required gives it an advantage over other alternatives. Any required modifications can be easily accommodated because it can be extended or shortened modularly along its length without needing to be completely dismantled. In addition, if more height is needed, the marquee structure can be raised vertically. This provides companies with the much-needed versatility and agility to adjust their operating space and storage capacity in response to market dynamics and customer demand.

7. Bid Farewell to Mandatory Long-Term Commitment

Since storage marquees are rented out for specific periods of time, there is no need to make a long-term commitment. This means that when the structure is no longer required, it can be demolished, returning the room to its original state. If companies require the storage marquee after the agreed-upon rental agreement has expired, it's easy to extend it for as long as they need it.

Marquee Setup for Event Hosting in Singapore
Marquee Setup for Event Hosting in Singapore

In Summary, storage marquees have all of the benefits of a permanent structure at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing efficiency, functionality, or structural integrity. If you're not sure about investing in a conventional storage building that could take 2 to 3 years to complete, consider a more versatile and short-term storage option instead!


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