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5 Easy Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Costs For Outdoor Events

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Getting ready to host your first outdoor event? Understanding your target market and creating a well-thought-out plan will put you on the right track to success. Outdoor Events need not be too expensive if you were to plan ahead appropriately.

Follow our advice, and we'll guarantee you won't have to worry about going over your budget - ever again!

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Indoor Wedding Marquee

1. Secure the logistics required by planning early

Stock and manpower availability are typically the few crucial impactful factors for last-minute additions. Obtaining event logistics such as tables and chairs for major festive occasions, particularly at the last minute, can be difficult. Owing to high demand during the holiday season, it's best to confirm the event's logistics and quantity at least two weeks ahead of time.

The last thing you will want to do is; scramble to find a replacement supplier due to stock shortages, as this would almost certainly be more costly. In the worst-case situation, this may trigger a delay in the configuration process.

2. Applications of Relevant Permits

In order for you to avoid incurring excessive penalties, it is appropriate to gain a better understanding of the safety regulations governing the organization of outdoor events in Singapore. From food festivals to large-scale outdoor concerts, each form of event needs its own collection of permits and approvals before going live.

Avoiding the required applications may result in a fine or even the cancellation of the display, so it is critical to ensure that all safety regulations are followed in order for the show to run smoothly.

3. Right Choice of Logistics - Tentages, Tables & Chairs, Etc

As an event organizer, you must carefully consider what kind of tents, tables, benches, flooring, and lighting you would need for your event. A typical event logistics company carries a wide variety of product categories, and it's always a good idea to mix and match based on budget and try new things. Is that premium flooring really appropriate for a half-day event?

Is there a more cost-effective way to decorate the tentages' interior and exterior? This is your chance to be imaginative with your tent, whether it's a bubble or an octagon. You can consult one of Singapore's many experienced event logistics rental companies about what is best for your event and your budget.

4. Choosing The Best Venue

Location, Location, and non other than Location.

When it comes to event planning and management, the venue is important. Highly accessible venues are popular with event planners because they provide comfort not only for the visitors, but also for the vendors and contractors who will help with the set up. Is there enough room for both loading and unloading?

In addition, if the venue owner requests that the turf be reinstalled, the expense should be included in the budget.

5. Choosing The Right Vendor That You Can Trust

It's always a smart idea to hire a specialist marquee rental company to take care of the set-up and tear-down. Keep an eye out for a vendor or event production company that has previous experience setting up at the particular location or has done similar types of events while looking for one. These businesses may provide trustworthy guidance and tips about how to save money and time, which is particularly useful to a novice.

With these objectives in mind, it is possible to consider different options and schedule each event in accordance with the allocated budget.


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