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4 Reasons For Why A Multi-Façade Marquee For Your Private Event

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Marquee Interior for Intimate Weddings in Singapore
Marquee For Weddings

Private celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays can be too large for a small crowd when held under the traditional A-Shaped tent. Multi-Façade marquees, such as the Octagon Tent, Hexagon Marquee, or Mongolian Marquee, are the next best choice for making an unforgettable experience. Adding onto a new dimension, some event planners may also prefer these Polygonal Marquees to conventional tents.

1. Variety of Styling Needs

In recent years, event planners in Singapore have had the luxury of choosing from a wide range of marquee rental options. Nothing beats a polygonal marquee in terms of tent architecture in Singapore, and be prepared to be spoiled for options.

A Mongolian Marquee can be as small as 100 sqft, while an Octagon Tent can be as wide as 3035 sqft – which is sufficient to fit at least 100 people comfortably. You can also install an additional dance floor in the middle of the tent because Hexagon marquees don't require a center pole. Alternatively, an Octagon Marquee with a higher tent peak (roof) is also capable to provide a perfect fit for hanging chandeliers and décor, shall you need.

2. Small Private Weddings

Polygonal marquees, such as Mongolian and Hexagonal marquees in Singapore, have the advantage of being able to accommodate and hold smaller scale - more intimate weddings. Couples who want to create a cozy and minimalist wedding reception for only their families and close friends, or who have a small budget, will greatly appreciate this unique experience.

Tables & Chairs Rental For Weddings in Singapore
Tables & Chairs Rental For Weddings

To host small-sized weddings is a growing trend in Singapore, that several newly-weds are opting for. The main reason is, they want it to be a meaningful and unforgettable experience for their loved ones. Furthermore, hosting the wedding in a Hexagonal Marquee allows them to build any of the Wedding Aesthetics they may want; without having to burn a hole in their wallet on a larger venue.

3. Cool Interiors

Question - Why should you just settle for a simple white canvas when there're tons of interior design options? The stunning interior of the Hexagon Marquee in Singapore is sufficient to keep your guests mesmerized! LED fairy lighting may also be recommended to be added to the décor within the tent, while the decorative flame lighting will produce a dreamy, yet fantasy atmosphere. You might want to choose a black starlight cloth for the ceiling if you want to ignite a fairytale-like atmosphere.

In addition for a more subtle and luxurious look, choose ivory pleated linen. A rustic yet elegant touch can be added to your event with a classic dessert table, carpeted floor, a few aisle lanterns, green chandeliers, and floral print linen. You may also personalize the interiors to match the theme of your event.

4. Combining the Marquees

When a beautiful lawn is unable to be used due to its inability to accommodate a normal form marquee, be prepared to be up for a great disappointment. Marquees, like venue rooms, come in a full range of both shapes and sizes. To suit venues with irregular shapes, many Mongolian & Hexagon Marquees in Singapore can always be combined together till it fits.

Marquee Rental For Oktoberfest in Singapore
Marquee For Oktoberfest in Singapore

5. In Summary

Selecting the ideal multi-sided marquee in Singapore based on the aforementioned criteria can be tough. Always bear in mind that, prior to the right selection of tents, it is important to hire the right, reputable company for the rentals. So that in case any unforeseen circumstances arrive, they have the capability & experience to find the right solution for you, in the shortest possible time. Lastly, apart from installing the tent for you, the company will also have to make an on-site check of the event venue, to see if it is appropriate for the installations of Marquees.

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