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10 Tips To Decorate Marquees For Weddings

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Are you planning a wedding for someone you love? Are you running out of ideas? If you're searching for wedding marquee decorating ideas, this article is for you. It will show you ten different ways to decorate a wedding marquee. Both the wedding ceremony and reception will benefit from these decorations.

Wedding table at night
Wedding table at night

1. Bunting: It is simple to either make or purchase. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors. And we can't deny that bunting is always present at a successful gathering.

2. Lining: If you want a one-stop solution for all of your décor needs, lining is the way to go. The great thing about lining is that it comes with a wide range of colors and designs. Look them up on the internet, go shopping, and buy the one that appeals to you the most.

3. Flowers: Weddings and flowers are inextricably linked. It's still one of the most traditional ways to decorate wedding marquees. Consult with your nearest florist for ideas. Flowers can be used in a variety of ways to embellish marquees.

4. Lighting: In wedding marquees, lighting provides a beautiful atmosphere. Throughout the day, add a few glowing chandeliers to your marquee to make it look stunning and grand. Do you want your wedding to be held under a thousand stars? As the sun sets, illuminate the marquee with fairy or festoon lighting to see how lovely the marquee will appear with various lightings. You may hang them either around the perimeter or in between the poles.

5. Use Vibrant Colors: Why don't you dress up the tables and chairs you'll be renting for your guests? Whether it's flowers, lining, or sparkles, these will stand out against a simple tablecloth and give all guests a more enjoyable dining experience.

6. Photographs of Couples: Every photograph tells a story. There is no better way to display affection than to decorate the place with photographs of the newlyweds. Allow the warmth of the newlyweds' love to fill the hearts of their friends and loved ones as well.

7. Paper Lanterns: While paper lanterns are plain, they look stunning when used as wedding marquee decorations. The best thing is that paper lanterns are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Hang them at different heights to build incredible visual depth on your big day for a stunning décor effect.

8. Tissue Pom Poms: You can make your own or buy pre-made tissue pom poms from both online and physical stores, making this a more cost-effective choice. Tissues, colorful magazines, cloth, or paper may all be used to make pom poms of any size and color.

9. Twinkling Trees: If you want to create a tranquil atmosphere for your marquee, look for sparkling trees, which are the best at creating an enchanting atmosphere. Speak with the vendors and learn more about the twinkling trees.

10. Balloons: Do you know that balloons are now often used for weddings? During recent times, you'll find confetti, helium balloons, balloon arches, and much more in the form of balloons. Balloons will give your wedding reception a fairytale look, and they will certainly make it look fabulous.


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